Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Order of the Fork (Staff only)

It starts with the camp director (who traditionally is returning staff)  stating "I call a meeting of the Order of the Fork!" This is the returning staff (who had been inducted previously) to come to the front of the dining hall. They form a line and sing the song as they snake around the room. The train stops behind someone when the first person in line says "Stand up please!" the person stands up. "Bend over!" She bends over and then gets jabbed in the ass 10x rapidly while the train counts. If there are too many people, after the first group is done they call out "Next shift!" or something similar. They continue to do this until everyone in Order of the Fork has jabbed the inductee. After they are done, the leader says "Grab your fork and join the end of the line!" This is repeated several times. 

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