Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long to be.

Days roll into one and another. Nights are too short. There's not enough time to finish the 1001 Try-It requirements. Laughter, grumbles, and campfire smells pollute the air. There's no time to shower or to take a nap. There's always time for another song, slip & slide, and another never tell game. I linger at last night camp fire hoping to absorb enough magic to motor through tomorrow and the up coming week.

As time passes, I forget the arguments, the lies, and lack of personal space. I forget (mostly) about EMA horror and freezing showers. I begin to long for a run on muddy main field and fire drills that interrupt showers. I miss archery and safety circles. I miss walking to Birches and Needles in the dark. I miss the gorgeous view at the summit (but not the hike up.) I hate having a working TV and current newspapers. I miss hearing the "nah, nah, nah" of Georgie and the walkie waking me up at 3in the morning.

I wish I had taken more pictures. I wish I did more while I was there. I wish I left a bigger mark. I wish I had time to linger and rejoice in nature's beauty. I wish there was one more last night campfire. I wish I had a video of us singing Daisy for the last time. I wish I brought home ashes from that last fire with the hopes and dreams from every fire previously. I wish Connie would come home. I wish I could go back one more time. I'd make it count.

I know camp still lives inside of me. I still have the skills I learned there and the incredible memories made. I still sing Boogie Woogie Washer Woman and The Hippo Song. Every time I hear 2 am (Breathe)  I take a moment to remember the happy and I smile. I'm still PoGo in my core.

Camp Louise is only a camp, but to me, it's so much more than that. It's a home for lost girls. It's a hide out from the real world. It's a playground for adults. It's a concert arena and game show set. Camp Louise is where I long to be.

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