Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Crabby Thoughts

I know I write A LOT about camp on this blog, but this time I'm going to take a cue from some of the hilarious medical blogs I read and point something out. It's not really pointing something out. It's down right complaining. I know it's not camp related, get over it! Stop reading. Ok, are they gone? Good. Allow me to explain. I have a big girl job as a Medical Assistant. I like it, but there are just some things that annoy me.

1.) If you send a consult letter with only the Pt's name (TIMOTHY MCGEE) and I look it up only to find 500 TIMOTHY MCGEE's in Bumblescrew I *AM* going to file under G for garbage... Only after I call and request a second copy of it with a Pt identifier.... What is a Pt identifer? That's easy. Date of birth. Social. Address. Telephone number.... If you are snotty to me because YOUR system is broken, I will just file it under G anyways.

2.) If you call and make it to the "Leave a machine after the tone" bit, don't just hang up. Leave your name and number. Ask for a call back. How hard is it? I call my Dr, and say, "Hi, Dr Excellent, this is PoGo A GoGo. I have a question about the metformin you just prescribed me. Can one of your staff reach me at 555-POGO? Thank you."

3.) If you do leave a message, make sure you tell us how to contact you back if we should need too. "Hi, it's me! I was just making sure you got my fax. Well, bye!" WTF is that? That is a whole lot of nothing. That too will get filed under G.

4.) Do not under any circumstance call the Dr I work for by her first name. Unless you are married to her or are her mother, it should always be Dr. Wonderful. "Oh, Nancy said to just stop in." "Oh, Nancy said you could just..." As soon as I hear "NANCY" said, I stop listening. It's disrespectful! Do you call the JUDGE in court Marvin? No. You call him your honor or sir. If Dr. Wonderful is too much to say, just say "The Dr"

5.) Please  be on time. I hear you bitch now "the Dr is always late!" (For the record, Dr. Wonderful is NOT always late. She knows she has to do her big girl job too!)  Don't make me, the lowly MA suffer because the Dr is late. That is not my fault and I can not control her. I'm just saying.

I guess that it's it for now.


  1. I do try to be on time. I don't always start off by getting there late. but people call in for a 'cold' and then tell me how their father died, and they had to put their dog down the next week and now they are thinking of dying. Um, hello. Couldn't you let the staff know this would be a crying kind of appointment and they could allow extra time?

  2. I know! I think I wrote this after you told me you tell your youngest that the office manager will get mad at you for being late.